Bed Bugs 101

Bed Bugs

What You Should Know About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are the dreaded pests that invade homes and sometimes even render them places that can no longer be lived in. So whether you’re experiencing bed bugs for the first time or just simply want to be prepared for them, here’s what you should know about these annoying insects:

 Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are small insects with a distinct, brownish color. They’re quite flat-bodied and are normally under 1/4 inches in length. Young bed bugs are much smaller and have a lighter color compared to adults. If they’re newly-hatched, they’re translucent and aren’t very visible on surfaces that are moist.


Bed bugs possess a nocturnal lifestyle which results in them being present from a few weeks to a few months before a home’s occupant even sees one. Bed bugs take a liking to cracks, carpeting and floorboards for living spaces. It’s from places like these that bed bugs emerge during the night, as this is the time they feed on their host. Bed bug bites are painless and aren’t detected often.

Bed Bug Bites

Because the transmission of pathogens from bed bugs to humans is considered highly unlikely and hasn’t even been documented, they’re not necessarily considered a severe threat when it comes to disease.

Reactions to bed bug bites will vary between each individual, but they are generally a mild, itchy welt or can be a severe rash.

Avoiding Infestation

For a new bed bug infestation to be established, bed bugs need to first be able to find an environment that’s previously not infested. The best chance you have at preventing an infestation is to avoid making your home a risk to it. This means avoiding used items when purchasing products for travel or summer camp.

Early detection is key to protecting yourself from bed bugs. Using encasements for your mattress and box spring can help in early detection.

Keep an eye out for bite symptoms and inspect your bed and any upholstery you may have, looking for small dark spots (blood excrement). Additionally, you should also avoid purchasing used mattresses, furniture, bedding and even clothes.

If, for whatever reason, you feel that you’ve encountered a bed bug problem, it’s very crucial that you waste no time in taking action to inspecting and evaluating your home. Bed bugs are incredibly difficult to control, especially if you’ve failed to catch them during the infestation’s early stages.

 Bed Bugs Can Be Controlled

Now that you’ve learned the basics of bed bugs, it’s important that this is applied to when and if you encounter them. And while they’re not exactly fatal to the human health, they’re saliva can even cause allergic reactions, giving victims a much more severe rash than usual. Always make sure you’re keeping an eye out for these pests and taking the appropriate measures to preventing them.

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Picture Of A Bed Bug

Although bed bugs are very hard to spot, you may sometimes get lucky enough to actually catch one out in the light or you may even be able to find a dead one.

If you are this lucky, take a picture of the bed bug and compare it to these pictures:
























By Chantal Locke

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5 Steps To Treat Bed Bug Bites

Here are 5 steps you can take to treat bed bug bites.bed-bug-bite-treatment

1) The first step is to try your best not to scratch or itch the bites. Doing so could break the skin and cause infections.

2) To stop the itch use Calamine Lotion or an Anesthetic Cream.

3) Clean your bites by washing them in anti-bacterial soap and water.

4) Put ice on the bites to reduce inflammation.

5) If the bites do not go away or an infection occurs please see a physician.

By Chantal Locke

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Bed Bug Registry – A Website Everyone Should Know

Are you moving soon? bed-bugs-hotels
Thinking of traveling in the near future?
Do you want to avoid coming across bed bugs?
Check out this great, handy website that everyone who is moving or thinking of traveling should definitely check out – It’s essentially a database of apartment buildings and hotels across the U.S and Canada that have been reported to have bed bug infestations.

Always be proactive about bed bugs when traveling or moving, bed bugs are in alot more places than you would think. Check out the website and stay informed!

By Chantal Locke

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How To Check For Bed Bugs

Here is a great little infographic about how to check for bed bugs.


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Bed Bugs Visit St. John’s Provincial Court Once Again

If you don’t already know, bed bugs are turning up everywhere these days. The question we are all starting to ask is where aren’t bed bugs?provincial-court-bed-bugs

There are recent reports that bed bugs have started showing up again at the provincial court at Atlantic Place in St. John’s. Chief Judge Mark Pike has stated that after an inspection that was done this past Thursday, they have found there to be traces of bed bugs in four rooms in the building. All of which were found on chairs inside the rooms.

After further investigating this issue, an employee reported a pest control company had found bed bugs in the couch of his home.

The provincial court is set to be fumigated this weekend to rectify their bed bug issues.

It was also reported that a crown attorney had refused to go to work on Thursday because of the bed bug infestation. He was later talked into attending work by management.

It really goes to show you that bed bugs can turn up anywhere. It is always good to stay on top of bed bugs and become educated about them. Knowing what to look for can help prevent and diagnose any bed bug infestations.

By Chantal Locke

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Protecting Your Home From Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a very common problem that is hard to avoid, and hard to diagnose. Bed bugs are small, biting bugs that are hard to see with the naked eye. Many families don’t know they are infested with bed bugs until they begin to receive numerous bites while in bed at night. While bed bugs are hard to prevent, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself.


  • Wash your bedding on a regular basis. By washing everything on your bed – pillows, sheets, and blankets, once or twice a week on a hot wash cycle, you can stop bed bug infestations from getting out of control. The hot water will kill off any niggling creatures, leaving your bedding bug and bite free.
  • Consider purchasing white bedding to help you detect any future outbreaks of bed bugs. Since bed bugs are a light brown color and hard to see with the naked eye, white bedding can help you spot them more easily. Discovering an outbreak soon after it happens will make getting rid of them a much easier task.
  • Purchase bed bug proof encasements for your pillows an mattress from a highly rated company. These encasements are manufactured just to keep bed bugs out of your bed and your life, and are one of the best preventative measures you can take.
  • Take proper precautions when traveling to make sure you don’t bring bed bugs home with you. Check the mattress at the hotel you stay at before you lay on it, and make sure it is free from bed bugs and debris, and keep your clothes and suitcase off the bed for best protection.

By Chantal Locke

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Should I Move If I Have Bed Bugs?

Have you recently found out you have bed bugs and want to move?
Let me share a little insight about this topic to put things into perspective.bed_bug_close_up

One of the most common misconceptions is that bed bugs come from dirty houses. This is in fact a misconception because bed bugs are found in ALL residences. This is simply because of the nature of them. They are small insects that are very hard to spot and extremely easy to transport without knowing.

Imagine this, you have a friend come over who was just staying in a hotel that was infested with bed bugs. Some bed bugs managed to sneak into her purse. Your friend, unknowingly just brought bed bugs to your house. See how easy it is?

The reason why I am trying to give so much perspective is because understanding that bed bugs are not attracted to dirty houses is very important. You should never simply move out of your house because you get bed bugs. The advice I can give you is that your landlord is obligated to maintain a clean and habitable residence for their tenants. That typically means calling in the Exterminators to rectify your bed bug problem. In addition, they should cover all expenses that occur with the Extermination. It is up to you to religiously follow all protocols the Exterminators give you to ensure the bed bugs do not come back.

Realistically bed bugs are an epidemic. Taking that into account and understanding that anyone can get them is key. Having a positive approach to fighting them and working with your landlord will help make your life easier. Don’t blame your landlord or point the finger. Just simply look at how you can get rid of the critters.  Although it will be very stressful, try to think about the big picture – you want your house bug free – as fast as possible and with as least amount of work as possible, so don’t point fingers and have a proactive approach.

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Bed Bug Mattress Stains

Here is what the stains look like that bed bugs will leave being on your mattress. You will see bed bug fecal and blood stains. Typically dark in color.




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Biting Bugs

Along with bed bugs, here is a list of other biting bugs that you will encounter in your everyday household.

Fleas – Tiny little brownish-red insects that travel on humans and pets and feed of the blood of their host.

Masked Hunter -  A large bug brown in color that will usually eat smaller insects such as bed bugs but will bite humans as well.

Conenose – Rather large insect with a dark brown color. These bugs fly and feed of any host’s blood. They are known to spread disease.


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