Can dogs get bed bugs?

Can dogs get bed bugs you ask?

This is a VERY popular question from anyone who has encountered bed bugs and has a dog. The answer to this question is, yes, they certainly can live on dogs. The thing is, dogs are usually a last resort. Beg bugs would much rather feed on humans than dogs. Dogs are covered in hair and not as easy to get at.  Humans are much easier targets.

If you notice your dog has bed bugs contact your veterinarian and let them know. They will give you the best advice and point you in a good direction.

My Personal Encounter

I too was very worried after finding bed bugs in my bed. I kept thinking about my dog and if he was getting bitten. After examining him, he was clear. I asked the exterminator and he said it was very rare that they would feed on a dog. Thank god! So basically, don’t panic they CAN get bed bugs but it is not likely.

By Chantal Locke

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2 Responses to Can dogs get bed bugs?

  1. michelle says:

    My dogs are getting bit by bed bugs…any advice would be awesome. I vacume. I spray bed bug spray.i use alchol…ive used advantix ii. I dont kno what else to do for the dogs any advice is appreciated…


  2. admin says:


    As mentioned in the post. Contact your Vet and ask them for the best treatment for your dog. Vets will commonly have a good solution to help kill the bed bugs on your dog while keeping your dog safe.

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