Landlords are not happy about bed bug websites

Bed Bug Websites Bugging Landlords

I just recently read an article on CBC news about how landlords are not impressed with websites that inform people about bed bug infestations around Canada.

One website in specific was This website allows users to report buildings, houses, hotels etc, that are infested with bed bugs. The report is uploaded to a database that is put public to to all users of the website.

“How true is that information?” asked Paula Simon, executive officer with the Saskatchewan Rental Housing Industry Association.

“It might be relevant at that moment, but give them a week or give them a month and it might not be relevant anymore… so it really doesn’t make any sense.”

Landlords are angry and explain that this is just a temporary problem and it can be fixed but the impact it has on the property is very damaging.

Though this is a valid point, bed bugs are not being taken serious enough, so it can be said that this was the only way to help tenants or future tenants know where the critters are hiding.

It seems this will be a big arising problem in the future as a property being deemed “bed bug infested” can be very damaging on its reputation and can severely impact the owners.

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