Bed Bugs In New York City – Bugging The New York Residents

Bed Bugs Taking Over New York City

Bed Bugs are expected to hit an all time high this summer in New York City. Reports showed that nearly 7 percent of New York residents claimed to have had bed bugs.

Experts predict these numbers will increase exceptionally. Places like schools, libraries and public transportation are all big spreaders of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs can be VERY expensive to get rid of with absolutely no guarantee. Even then this is presuming the residents and owners take measures and do their part and wash and dry all clothes and material and check all electronics, furniture etc.

Keeping a clean, organized house and doing laundry regularly can help minimize habitats for bed bugs. Also catching the bed bugs as early as possible can help make your life easier and reduce work and costs for removal.

Bed bug bites are almost always in threes and can be very itchy and in some cases very painful.

Reduce the spread and be on top of this arising issue. Get to know the facts!

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