Why Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Often times people believe the reason why they got bed bugs was because they are dirty.

That is a huge misconception and infact, it has been proven that bed bugs don’t have a preference over dirty or clean habitats. Bed bugs just love one thing and that is small, dark, tight spots.

There are a number of factors that could be considered as to why you got bed bugs but often the reason you got bed bugs is as simple as this; bed bugs spread extremely easy and they are known to be very hard to spot or detect. This makes it easy for anyone to get bed bugs because they are constantly being transported without the person knowing.

Another reason you could have bed bugs is just simply wrong place at the wrong time. If you happen to be in a public place, Library, Bus Terminal, School and you are sitting on furniture that is infested, chances are you are now a carrier of them.

To put it cut and dry, you most likely got bed bugs because they can spread like a wildfire and they reproduce at fast rates. So no, it is not because you are dirty, or are a slob, its just the nature of the insects and it is almost impossible to prevent.

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