Should I Move If I Have Bed Bugs?

Have you recently found out you have bed bugs and want to move?
Let me share a little insight about this topic to put things into perspective.bed_bug_close_up

One of the most common misconceptions is that bed bugs come from dirty houses. This is in fact a misconception because bed bugs are found in ALL residences. This is simply because of the nature of them. They are small insects that are very hard to spot and extremely easy to transport without knowing.

Imagine this, you have a friend come over who was just staying in a hotel that was infested with bed bugs. Some bed bugs managed to sneak into her purse. Your friend, unknowingly just brought bed bugs to your house. See how easy it is?

The reason why I am trying to give so much perspective is because understanding that bed bugs are not attracted to dirty houses is very important. You should never simply move out of your house because you get bed bugs. The advice I can give you is that your landlord is obligated to maintain a clean and habitable residence for their tenants. That typically means calling in the Exterminators to rectify your bed bug problem. In addition, they should cover all expenses that occur with the Extermination. It is up to you to religiously follow all protocols the Exterminators give you to ensure the bed bugs do not come back.

Realistically bed bugs are an epidemic. Taking that into account and understanding that anyone can get them is key. Having a positive approach to fighting them and working with your landlord will help make your life easier. Don’t blame your landlord or point the finger. Just simply look at how you can get rid of the critters.  Although it will be very stressful, try to think about the big picture – you want your house bug free – as fast as possible and with as least amount of work as possible, so don’t point fingers and have a proactive approach.

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