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Bed Bug Bite Misconception

This is just a quick post to inform people about how a bed bug bites canĀ  be really misleading. If you are like most people and decide you want to research what bed bug bites look like, you may be … Continue reading

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Bed Bug Bites Not Showing Up

After being asked this question a million times, I decided I would finally create a post about it. “Why am I not showing any bed bug bite symptoms when someone else is?” I hate to be the bearer of bad … Continue reading

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Cheap, Effective Way To Get Rid Of Or Prevent Bed Bugs

As soon as you realize the terrible reality; you have bed bugs, your first question is most likely; how will I get rid of them? That was my first question. When I first found out I had beds bugs I … Continue reading

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Why Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Often times people believe the reason why they got bed bugs was because they are dirty. That is a huge misconception and infact, it has been proven that bed bugs don’t have a preference over dirty or clean habitats. Bed … Continue reading

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