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Bed Bug Bites Not Showing Up

After being asked this question a million times, I decided I would finally create a post about it. “Why am I not showing any bed bug bite symptoms when someone else is?” I hate to be the bearer of bad … Continue reading

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Cheap, Effective Way To Get Rid Of Or Prevent Bed Bugs

As soon as you realize the terrible reality; you have bed bugs, your first question is most likely; how will I get rid of them? That was my first question. When I first found out I had beds bugs I … Continue reading

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Why Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Often times people believe the reason why they got bed bugs was because they are dirty. That is a huge misconception and infact, it has been proven that bed bugs don’t have a preference over dirty or clean habitats. Bed … Continue reading

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Bed Bug Registry – Find Out Where The Bed Bugs Are!

Bed Bug Registry – Great Resource To Find Out Where Bed Bugs Are Biting And If They Are Close! Are you worried about bed bugs and want to know where they are turning up and how close they are to … Continue reading

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